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piiiabooks — Bespoke Photo Book Design Service (please note three i's of piiia!)

What piiiabooks is offering?

We design and create bespoke photo books using your photos. All you have to do is send the photos, we will take care of the rest. You can just sit back, relax and wait for your photo book to be ready.

piiiabooks -photo books are new moderntime photo albums that bring your photos back to life: visible.

How can I order piiiabooks -photo book?

To start your bespoke photo book order, fill out the inquiry form. It will help us map out your wishes for the photo book. Next we will provide a quote for you by email. After you have approved it and confirmed your order — we can start your photo book project!

I received the quote in my email — how can I now confirm my order / place an order?

Confirm your order by following the instructions you received via email.

As a return mail you will receive an order confirmation from us. The designing of your photo book will start when we have received the deposit you paid (50%) and the material you submitted to the photo book.

You have my photo book under production - how will the process proceed next?

Once the book is complete, you will have the chance to preview it, before it goes to print. This step is however optional - you can as well keep the final look as a surprise for you! A possible preview will be agreed with the customer already at the time of placing the order.

The remaining part of the total invoice (50% + possibly separately agreed additional work) will be invoiced to you as soon as the design work is completed. The photo book will not be sent to the print until we have received your payment. After print and quality check, your photo book will arrive to you.

How do I send you photos (and other material) to my photo book?

You will receive instructions on how to send the photos by email after confirming your order. If you encount any issues or technical difficulties, let us know and we are happy to help you!

Can you use all type of photos to my photo book?

Photos used in your photo book should be original high resolution photos. Photos can be from your phone, camera or scanned in paper photos. Although photos need to be enough high quality for printing. Photos uploaded from social media channels afterwards or sent/received via messaging apps are usually too low resolution.

If needed, we are able to create a photo book using those low resolution photos though - but you must know that the best printing quality can't be guaranteed and photos could look grainy or blurry in the final product.

If you want, we can check beforehand if your photos are good enough quality for printing. Please feel free to email us!

What else should I consider when choosing photos (and other material) to submit to my photo book?

Third-party Rights; As a customer, you are solely responsible for ensuring that you are entitled to the required copyright, trademark, privacy and other rights to the photos and other material you send in.

Should any third-parties assert any claims against us in connection with your order on the grounds of an infringement of such rights, you will be liable to ward off these claims at your expense and to indemnify us for damages incurred.

In particular, you are responsible if the material contains photos or other material of a minor (or a protected adult) and warrant that you have obtained permission from a parent or legal guardian to use and reproduce those photos or other materials.

When submitting photographs taken by the photographer, for example, you must pay close attention and, if necessary, check the scope of your own access to them.

Please also note that we have the right to refuse to accept orders and also to terminate contracts if the material you provide contains illegal, inappropriate, unethical, offensive, or otherwise suspicious content.

Are all the photos (and other material) I submit to my photo book sure to be included in my final finished photo book?

No, unless otherwise agreed with you before starting the design work. When submitting the material, you can inform us if you specifically want a certain part of the material you have submitted to be included in your final finished photo book.

We recommend that you give designers a free hand in selecting the material to use. Then the final entity can be formed completely on the terms of the design and the photo book can be designed to be as solid as possible.

The choice of materials to be used in bespoke photo books is entirely at our discretion. The Company has the right to refuse to accept orders and the right to terminate the concluded agreements if the material provided by the customer reveals illegal, inappropriate, unethical, offensive, or otherwise suspicious content.

Do you do any editing to my photos?

We give your photos a general edit (straightening, crop, brightening, sharpening, etc.) for print. If we feel your photos need a lot more editing, we will contact you to agree on extra charge for possible additional editing time. However, a normal, little touch up is usually fine.

What if I have too many photos (and other material) beyond the photo limits of the S, M, and L size photo books?

Contact us and tell us more. We also provide Custom versions - and we are happy to give you a quote.

If, on the other hand, you feel that not all of your photos are meant to be placed on the pages of a photo book, but that choosing and picking out the right / best photos feels like too much of a chore - we can help! We offer photo selection service and assistance at an additional cost.

What if I can't find a suitable photo book for my needs listed on your options?

Don't worry! Let us know - we also provide more spesific projects and Custom versions. We are happy to give you a quote.

How do I pay my photo book order?

We will send you PDF invoices to your email.

In connection with the confirmation of the photo book order, a deposit payment (50%) is paid, and the remaining part of the total invoice (50% + possibly separately agreed additional work) is invoiced as soon as the photo book design work is completed. The photo book will not be sent to the print until we have received your payment.

Why is the price of piiiabooks -photo books not always the same and standard?

The price of the piiiabook -photo books will vary and will be determined entirely [including, but not limited to;] based on the individual wishes and needs of the customer, the material and quantity provided by the customer, the level of service chosen and the final entity.

Customers have the opportunity to request a quote using various means of contact, before placing an order.

Will the price be affected if I order more than one copy of the photo book?

Yes! When you order several copies (of the same photo book) at the same time, you get those additional copies more cheaply. The price of the copies is cheaper because the design work itself has already been done.

When ordering photo books for a larger group, you can also share that so-called design fee of the first book - and thus get each contribution equal and at the same time the price per person lowered.

Have you received a gift card for the piiiabooks -bespoke photo book?

Wonderful to hear! We look forward to what kind of photo book you want to create together for you.

The gift card is used as a means of payment for ordering piiiabooks -bespoke photo books. The gift card can be used all at once or in parts - so if there is still value left on the gift card after your order, you can use the surplus amount in your next order. If the amount of the order is greater than the amount of the gift card, we will charge the excess portion to the gift card user. The gift card cannot be exchanged for cash.

To use your gift card, contact us by filling out the order form. Please also mention your gift card and its code.

We will get back to you by email to give you a quote, on the basis of which you can confirm your order according to the instructions you received. The design of your photo book will begin when we have received a possible deposit* (50%) and the material you have submitted to the photo book. [*unless the value of the gift card covers it]

piiiabooks -gift cards are valid 6 months from the date of purchase.

Would you like to buy a gift card for a piiiabooks -bespoke photo book?

A piiiabooks -gift card is the perfect option, when you are not sure on what theme the gift recipient would like their photo book to do or if you are having trouble putting together all the photos you would like to include in your photo book!

The gift card can be purchased for the amount you want and is valid for 6 months from the time of purchase. The gift card is used as a means of payment for ordering piiiabooks -bespoke photo books. The gift card can be used all at once or in parts. The gift card cannot be exchanged for cash. Note! Gift cards have no right of return.

The gift card is delivered by email, and you can either print it or email it directly to the recipient!

piiiabooks- gift cards can be purchased from the PIIIAshop -web shop, which you can find at:

How long will it take to design piiiabooks -photo book?

Designing and printing a photo book takes around 3-4 weeks. However, that's an estimate and it ranges depending on the amount of current standing orders.

Please let us know beforehand if you would like to receive your photo book by a certain date.

How will the piiiabooks -photo book I ordered be delivered to me?

We deliver the orders by letter or package via Posti / Finnish Postal Service (or Matkahuolto). You will receive a delivery confirmation by email, when the delivery is on its way. If the delivery method is a letter, the delivery may not include the shipment ID and therefore the delivery cannot be tracked through a tracking code.

Delivery charges will be added to the price of the photo book order, unless otherwise agreed. Delivery charges depend on the final weight, volume and destination country.

We primarily deliver piiiabooks -bespoke photo books to addresses in Finland and other EU countries. You can inquire by email possible deliveries to a country outside the European Union. Customers are responsible for their country’s customs, taxes, duties and/or VAT fees. Payment of those charges may be necessary to release your order from customs on arrival.

The customer must always ensure that they provides them complete and up-to-date contact information when placing an order. We will not make any changes to the delivery address after the order has been confirmed.

If customer do not collect the order on time or if the order returns to us due tto an incorrect address, we will charge extra delivery charges and any other costs incurred by us. In this case, the order will also be charged for its full value. If the order is returned to us, it will be stored for 6 months. Thereafter, we reserve the right to delete, lose and destroy the order, customer-delivered materials, unfinished digital products and/or finished physical products that have not been delivered.

Can a photo book made as a gift be ordered to be delivered directly to the recipient's address?

Yes! The delivery and billing address of the order can be specified separately. Please do so at the latest when you confirm your order.

Can I cancel my order / return the piiiabook -bespoke photo book I ordered?

Cancellation of confirmed order is not possible. The cancellation right does not apply to products manufactured or modified according to the consumer's wishes or otherwise clearly made to correspond to the consumer's individual needs.

piiiabooks -bespoke photo books cannot be returned because, by their nature, they cannot be returned for resale (inter alia because the finished products contain the customer's personal information).

Pending orders, for example due to unpaid payments, will be retained for 6 months, after which we reserve the right to delete both the customer-provided materials and the unfinished digital products and/or the finished physical products that have not been delivered.

What is a piiiabooks -bespoke photo book like?

piiiabooks -bespoke photo books are supplied as vertical or horizontal book, approximately the size of A4, which are hardcover. The books have a hard overlay cover and the inside is 170gsm paper with a matte finish. Photo books have a cover page at the beginning and end of the book that matches the shades of the photo book.

The material provided by the customer is generally used as cover images. The customer can express their wishes regarding the covers of the photo book when confirming the order.

You can find examples of already created piiiabooks -bespoke photo books on our Instagram account as well as on our Facebook page.

How many pages in piiiabooks -photo books is?

The number of pages of piiiabooks -bespoke photo books varies completely according to the material provided by the customer, its amount, the chosen level of service and the customer's wishes and needs. One page of a photo book can contain up to one (1) to six (6), or more (7+) photos. Most often, the number of pages in books of 100-300 photos is between 26-138 pages, but this is only a raw estimate, as the number of pages varies completely according to the order.

The final entity is made entirely on design terms and the final number of pages is entirely at our discretion. The customer can express their wishes regarding the number of pages in the photo book when confirming the order.

What is that barcode on the back cover of my piiiabooks -photo book?

All our photo books contain a barcode on the back cover because those are required for production and unfortunately those can't be removed. Luckily that barcode is quite tiny: 1,5 cm x 3,5 cm.

Can I order more copies of my piiiabooks -photo book later on?

Yes. We can issue reprints or extra copies for you. However, please notice that the copies are printed as entirely same versions as the original ones. When reprinting it isn't possible to make any changes on the original design of photo book.

We will retain a digital copy of the ordered products for 24 months (counting from the time the order is completed) to provide the ability to order additional copies of the same product.

How long will you keep the material I provided for my photo book?

The material submitted for the piiiabooks -bespoke photo book will be stored during the production process and destroyed no later than 45 days after the order is filled.

The material provided by the customer is used exclusively for the execution and processing of orders. We are not responsible for the retention, storage or possible loss or damage of the material. We recommend that the customer backup their materials.

The Company has the right to use copies of the finished product for its own marketing use, portfolio use, professional publications in the field, trade fairs and competitions.

What is meant by the 'Preview' step?

When the design of your piiiabooks -bespoke photo book is complete, you will have the chance to preview it before it goes to print. This step is however optional - you can as well keep the final look as a surprise for you! A possible preview will be agreed with the customer already at the time of placing the order. The preview is done electronically.

During the preview phase you may make a few small change requests. A request for change means a request for alteration of an existing design with specific instructions for placing, replacing, resizing, or altering specific section, images or text on specific pages. However, change requests may not require excessive design changes, including, but not limited to, the creation of an entirely new proof, a complete redesign of majority of sections, vague (non-spesific) requests to alter the design, submission of new material or replacement of old, and alteration of the model, dimensions or orientation.

If the requested changes go beyond the offer and contract, we will inform you of the estimated total or hourly cost of the additional work required. You decide whether additional work will be carried out.

You can also accept the preview proof as it is, without any change requests.

Once the preview proof has been accepted by the customer, no requirements or needs for change can be demonstrated. The completed product can no longer be modified or edited once the preview proof has been approved, and Company will no longer be liable for the content nor for any material errors thereafter.

If the customer omits the preview phase and don't use it, the preview proof will be considered directly accepted as such, without any requests for changes.

If the customer has been informed of the preview phase but does not return the matter to the Company (within 14 days), the preview proof will be deemed directly accepted, without any request for change. The execution of the commission will continue until it is completed.

How piiiabooks -Bespoke Photo Book Design Service was founded?

Our founder Piia was really struggling to find the perfect solution to preserve photos. She wanted to store them from memory cards and hard drives in physical form, safe — and bring them back to life: to keep them visible.

The classic photo albums felt boring, since she was looking for something beautiful to keep on coffee table and browse whenever wanted.

Later on, she figured out the solution: self-made and personalised, bespoke photo books! A photo book is ideal to preserve and stack memories. As self-made, them are able to be customised, designed and created completely unique and to fit the stories they tell.

The first ones were year-in-review photo books of her own. There are already plenty of them, and many other photo books on various themes alongside them. And how magical those photo books are to flip through! Through pictorial memories you can always go back to the most important moments of your life.

I guess you already note how much we love — and that's exactly why we would like to be able to offer the same joy of photo books now, to you too!

Through our piiiabooks -service you will receive a stunning, bespoke photo book ready to be treasured, without stress and technical difficulties.

Find out more about our piiiabooks -photo books and let your photos sparkle!

Psst.. remember to keep your photo book visible - your guests will love to browse it too! ✨

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piiiabooks is part of the same company as and Pepe Unlimited Oy. We provide a wide range of creative services. Company is founded in a van.