Preserve your most precious moments — we'll turn your photos into a stunning, bespoke photo book

How do you store your photos? Photo books are the new generation of photo albums - a great way to preserve your photos both on paper and visible: to browse and reminisce together.

Making a photo book can however be a time consuming and frustrating project - or perhaps you don't even know where to start! Many are looking for a beautiful and plain design that seems hard to find from the templates of DIY online photo book services.

But photo books are so magical that we want to offer an stress-free alternative to create a photo book. Just send us your photos, sit back and relax — we make it for you! You'll receive your bespoke photo book ready to be enjoyed.

We custom design each Piiiabooks -photo book to fit your unique needs. To keep it on your coffee table to browse through. To treasure it for years and generations to come. Cherish your memories — let's tell your stories together.

Create A Photo Book For Me
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Let us do all the work

Yksilöllinen kuvakirja


We are not using any ready-made templates, that restrict layouts or design — each photo book is completely unique and special.

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An easy, stress free and time-saving alternative to DIY online photo book services — just send us your photos, we do the rest!

Valokuvat talteen kuvakirjoina


Receive your photo book ready to flip through and enjoy. Treasure it — or give it as an unforgettable gift!

Photo books


Theme & subject

The sky is the limit when it comes to the theme of your photo book! It can be based on spesific subject, time period or persons, like:

  • • Year-in-review photo book — an annual yearbook summing up your year
  • • Travel photo book — the story of your trip or travels
  • • Life story photo book — Person's unique lifestory or family history
  • • Special event, Occassion — wedding, graduation, birthday, christening, baby shower, bachelor(ette) party, Christmas, ...
  • • Anniversary photo books — love story, friendship, ...
  • • Pet photo book — all pet's photos together
  • • Baby photo books — baby's first year and first smile, tooth, steps, ...
  • • Moments of your kids — bring together photos to give for grandparents and godparents
  • • Summer holiday book — the best summer holiday memories
  • • Hobby photo book — football, ice hockey, horseriding, concerts and gigs, ...
  • • House historic — home renovation, house building, ...
  • • Recipe book
  • • Portfolio


Your bespoke photo book can include more than just photos, and it's possible to add the following features:

  • • Both digital and printed photos
  • • Texts — dates, locations, caption, ...
  • • Long-form texts — special memories, a speech, a summary of your year, ...
  • • Scanned in memories — letters, drawings, greeting cards, news articles, ...
  • • Personalised illustration — unique illustrations based on something from your photos, maps, ...
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Don't leave your photos sitting on your phone or computer!

Store My Memories In A Keepsake Book


S-koko - Yksilöllinen kuvakirja


  • • Photos max: 100 pcs

  • • Size: portrait A4 / landscape A4
  • • Paper: matte (170gsm)

From 250 €

M-koko - Yksilöllinen kuvakirja


  • • Photos max: 200 pcs

  • • Size: portrait A4 / landscape A4
  • • Paper: matte (170gsm)

From 350 €

L-koko - Yksilöllinen kuvakirja


  • • Photos max: 300 pcs

  • • Size: portrait A4 / landscape A4
  • • Paper: matte (170gsm)

From 450 €

Something else? If what you're looking for isn't listed above, let us know! We provide also more specific projects for both personal and corporate use.

Your, and your guests favourite 'coffee table book'

Turn My Photos Into a Coffee Table Book!
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How it works

Step 01

Täytä tarjouspyyntölomake omasta yksilöllisestä kuvakirjasi

Fill out the form

The form

Fill out our inquiry form. By submitting the form, you address your interest of ordering a photo book.

Step 02

Vahvista kuvakirjatilauksesi

Confirm order

We will provide a quote for you by email. If you approve it, pay your deposit (50%) to confirm your order.

Step 03

Lähetä kuvakirjaasi tulevat kuvat

Send photos

To start designing your photo book, send us your photos. Follow the instructions you got on the previous step.

Step 04

Odota kuvakirjan valmistumista


Designing of your photo book starts — and you can breathe a sigh of relief. We are working on that book that has been on your 'to-do-list' for ages!

Step 05

Esikatsele halutessasi valmis kuvakirja


Once your photo book is complete, you'll have the chance to preview it, before it goes to print. It's optional - you can as well keep the final look as a surprise!

Step 06

Kuvakirja on valmis ja saapuu luoksesi


Your photo book arrives! Treasure it forever and enjoy your cherished memories with family and friends for years to come.

"You are my treasure! The most likely you saved me from a nervous breakdown!"

— Customer, Travel photo book as a birthday gift for her friend

Bring your photos back to life: keep them visible

Glad to hear that you want to preserve your memories. Let's create a stunning, personalised photo book together for you!

To start your bespoke photo book order, fill out the form. It helps us better understand what you are looking for of your photo book.

Next we will provide a quote for you by email. After you have approved it and confirmed your order — we begin to design your photo book!

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